GECC Shanghai Showroom & Members Are in Recruitment

Recently, GECC announced the new intelligent transformation plan of the Shanghai Exhibition Hall, and released the latest exhibitor recruitment policy and a new corporate membership system!

After nearly 10 years of use, the main structure of the building of the GECC Shanghai Exhibition Hall perfectly reflects the unique performance of German architecture;

In order to better reflect the architectural intelligence trend, GECC plans to carry out intelligent transformation on the basis of the original fresh air, temperature and humidity, heating, cooling and other systems;

It is expected that after the completion of the transformation, the entire building will not only realize visual remote control on the cloud platform, but also the system will realize the environment adaptation of the independent regions by means of AI technology; at the same time, the latest internal environment will better serve the partners!

In the latest exhibition plan, the exhibition hall on the first floor of the exhibition hall will be planned into two themes of green building and intelligent building. There are 12 standard booths, among which the green building theme will mainly recruit well-known enterprises from the field of building energy saving in Germany; The intelligent building mainly recruits outstanding companies in related fields between China and Germany.

GECC also announced the latest corporate membership program, which is aimed at outstanding enterprises in the fields of building energy saving, smart interconnection, and environmental protection between China and Germany. The corporate membership plan is divided into two types: premium members and regular members. Different membership levels correspond to different member rights, GECC will use its own platform advantages to empower all partners.

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