About Us

Founded in 2008 by Mr. Johannes Freise and its partners, German Energy Center & College (GECC) is a provider of technical exchanges and personnel training services for the overseas development of German energy-saving companies. The aim is to support cooperation between China and Germany in technology and education, especially for China's urgent need to improve its energy mix and reduce carbon emissions.

During the German government's preparation for the German Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, GECC, with the strong support of the German government, German Cneter and the German outstanding companies in the field of energy conservation built the GECC Shanghai Energy Center Exhibition Hall in the German Center site in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. As the energy technology branch of the German Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, it introduces and promotes advanced energy-saving technologies from Germany.

The successful operation of the GECC Shanghai Energy Center Exhibition Hall has been highly recognized by the German government. During the cooperation between the Chinese and German governments in the construction of the “Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark” in 2012, the German government supported and sponsored the construction of GECC Qingdao. To achieve cooperation between China and Germany in the field of technology and education.LOGO 不带黑框.jpg

With the increasing recognition of the GECC's role in technical exchanges and training between China and Germany, the German government hopes that this combination of technical exchanges and training can become a mature experience in exchanges and cooperation with other countries. In the promotion, the German government funded GECC's construction of the GECC Istanbul Energy and Training Center in the Technical Center of Yildiz University in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014 to achieve cooperation in technology and education between Germany and Turkey.

GECC established legal entities and established a Chinese operation team in China in early 2019, thereby further strengthening GECC's functions in technical exchange, marketing, professional training and international exchanges between China and Germany to better serve GECC partners.

GECC Function

In order to support the cooperation in technology, education and training between China and Germany, especially in response to China’s urgent need to improve its energy structure and reduce carbon emissions, GECC mainly provides corresponding services in the following four areasGreen Building TechnologyProvide technical consulting and design services related to...


GECC Target

As a bridge between China and Germany in the field of energy, GECC is dedicated to technical exchanges, marketing, personnel training and international exchanges. In these activities, GECC welcomes technical experts, engineers, managers, government officials and school students, interns, etc. join us to contribute to the efficient use of energy between China and Germany!...


Expert Committee

GECC has established technical expert committees according to different professional fields; the expert committee is mainly composed of experts and scholars in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection technology from Germany and China. The purpose of the expert committee is to give full play to the advantages of multi-disciplinary, to provide professional a...